Adrienne - Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park, Rochester, NY - February 17, 2015

Winter break, 2015. Frigid temperatures and all four kids home for a week. How to keep them from killing each other? More importantly, how to keep Mom and Dad sane?

Take 'em for a photo shoot.

Temperatures were in the single digits, and Daniel wanted some one-on-one time with Adrienne (age seven), who is feeling rather neglected in the parental attention department as of late. So off they went to the Lamberton Conservatory near Rochester's Highland Park, which has a wonderful indoor garden featuring a variety of plants and flowers from a variety of different regions. It also features some turtles and quail, which are right up Adrienne's alley.

Daniel used mostly natural light, but used a bit of fill flash for some of the close-up portraits.