Charlsey and J.T. - October 31, 2015 - "Engagement" Portraits - Mendon Ponds Park, Rochester, New York

OK, so that's kind of a lie. They had already been married for two weeks when these photos were taken.


We offer several wedding photography packages, and two of them include an engagement portrait session. Charlsey and J.T. decided to use their session for their wedding thank-you cards, hence the post-wedding photos. And this way, their dog Dexter could be a part of the action.

Charlsey and J.T. - Genesee Valley Club, Rochester, New York - October 17, 2015

Combine a 1950's vibe with a 90s hip-hop playlist, and you get a delightfully quirky wedding ceremony. Lots of personal touches - toasting the newlyweds with Maker's Mark, an assortment of wedding pies instead of cake, a medley of show tunes sung by two members of the wedding party, and a reference to "Jurassic Park" during the ceremony. The bride and groom were also really excited that it snowed on their wedding day. Ah, Rochester...

J.T.'s first look at the bride.

Keely and Michael - Grand Rapids, MI - June 6, 2015

I head across states and a province, arriving in Grand Rapids, Michigan to capture the joyous nuptials of Keely and Michael. A do-it-yourself ethos flows from every corner of this event. From the guestbook to the centerpieces, from the copper bouquet holders and metal boutonnières to the groomsmen's cufflinks, all have been made by the bride and groom.

Starting with the rehearsal I embed myself as a part of the entourage, capturing as many moments as I can; the laughs, the confusion, the utter joy.

With the big day upon us, my lens and I arrive in time to witness the setup of the gorgeous space at The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids. A flurry of activity is spread across several rooms. Makeup. Hair. Centerpieces. And yet even with all of this bustling energy, there is a calm excitement to everyone's demeanour.

The ceremony is simple, short, and lovely.

Having scoped out the locations the previous day, I quickly place the wedding party into their spots for the formal portraits. It helps that this group likes to joke with one another, so smiles are genuine, and they respond well to my direction.

The reception features wonderful food, heartfelt toasts, more laughter, and dancing.

I follow the core group to the after party at bars around town.

I pose for a picture with the last remaining, and bid them adieu, as they continue on to the after-after party.