Eleanor - Fairport, NY - February 19, 2015

Spontaneity! That's what kids are known for, right? Well, Daniel whipped out his camera on Thursday afternoon, after Eleanor's nap and snack (if you look closely you can still see the goldfish cracker dust on her mouth) to capture a few photos. Leaving one's expensive lighting equipment out for days can be problematic when you have a small house and kids, and he really wanted to photograph all four kids in succession that week. Hence the hoodie and Superman t-shirt too, because time was of the essence, and we had company coming for dinner. Nobody asked me for a wardrobe consultation, because...well, she could be wearing a paper bag and still be THIS CUTE. The joys of being two.

Connor - Fairport, NY - February 18, 2015

In this series of photos, Daniel was experimenting with high key lighting for basic headshot-style photography. The backdrop is our living room wall; he used a three flash studio setup, and the photos were all taken during mid-afternoon hours.

Our eldest son, age 11, going on 17.

Except he can't tie his own tie, and he most certainly needed assistance in the hair styling department. He likes the goofy photos where his eyes are askew, or his mouth is gaping wide open in a mock snarl. Fortunately I get to select my favorites for the blog.


2015 Polar Plunge - Rochester, NY - February 8, 2015

Want to see a bunch of crazy people?

Seriously, though, who jumps into a frozen lake in February in upstate New York? These folks did. Two of them were my 11-year-old son and my brother-in-law Stephen, who has participated in the Polar Plunge for the past fifteen years. Sadly (sarcasm), church duties kept me away from the festivities, but Daniel supported them from the lovely ice-encrusted beach and took a few photos for posterity's sake.

It's for a good cause, of course - the Special Olympics - and my son was so tickled to see the donations coming in on his personal page. For those of you who donated, thank you! For those of you looking to do something, um, "refreshing," there's always next year.

Could've been worse, of course. It could have been today, where the outside temperatures have barely reached one degree Fahrenheit.

Heather and Marianne - Eastman School of Music - January 26, 2015

This lucky couple won our free engagement portrait session at the 585Weddings bridal expo earlier this month. Daniel had to exercise some stealth tactics during the shoot; he wasn't sure if he was really supposed to be photographing at Eastman without prior permission. His philosophy, however, is to "ask for forgiveness rather than permission," and it was a good exercise in both pre-planning a shoot and executing poses quickly.


The Callahan Family - Rochester, NY - November 23, 2014

Dave and Julie are my heroes. They both have full-time jobs, they have four young kids, AND they run. Like, as a family. The two little ones ride in a stroller, and the two older boys have just started running alongside Mom and Dad, and I cannot tell you how awesome it is to see the whole brood out at a race.

As you can guess, the shoot was a little crazy (see photo no. 4 of the group), but Daniel caught some wonderful moments. Having recently welcomed our fourth child, I know who I'll be asking for advice in dealing with chaos.


Hey, they're all looking at the camera!

Hey, they're all looking at the camera!

Presley, age 2. CUTE.

Presley, age 2. CUTE.

William checking out his belly button. NOT looking at the camera.

William checking out his belly button. NOT looking at the camera.

Julie and Dave. They look pretty good, I'd say.

Julie and Dave. They look pretty good, I'd say.

Beth's Pregnancy Photos - High Acres Nature Area, Fairport, NY - October 27th, 2014

38 1/2 weeks pregnant with my fourth child, a baby boy due on or around November 7th. (I've never taken due dates very seriously, as one child was early, one was right on time, and one was almost a week past.) I was exhausted, weepy, and emotional earlier in the day, and a photo shoot was the last thing I wanted to do, especially during dinner hour. But that's when the light is best; with the sun setting around 6:15 these days and Daylight Savings Time in less than a week, we did it anyway. And let's face it, the belly isn't gonna be this impressive for much longer.

My husband makes me feel beautiful. And if he can do that for me, his very pregnant, "occasionally" cranky wife, and still elicit smiles that are genuine, well, I'd say the chances are pretty good that he can do the same for you.



Gaelen and Clara - Rochester, NY - October 25th, 2014

Our daughter is studying violin at the Hochstein School of Music with the same teacher as Gaelen's daughter, which is how we initially met. Gaelen plays bass with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and serves on the faculties of Nazareth College and the Eastman Community Music School. These are a handful of photos taken early Saturday morning.


Tom's Senior Portraits - Rochester, NY - October 9, 2014

One of the greatest things that Daniel is able to accomplish with his portraiture is allowing the real person to shine in their photographs. No fancy Photoshop work here other than adding a watermark in the corner. It's just not our style. I think Tom's genuine smile says everything in these samples.


Raven's Senior Portraits - Rochester, NY - September 27, 2014

Perhaps a future photographer herself, Raven said she had a lot of fun during the shoot. There were several different looks to choose from, but I love the color scheme in the photos taken next to the tree, the sunlight catching her hair, and the texture of the tree bark itself created a lovely, varied image. I'm especially partial to her purple Doc Martens.


30 in 30 - November 2013

Better late than never, right?

30 in 30 was a project initiated by Daniel, during a relatively quiet season, where he would photograph one subject per day for the entire month of November. As you'll see from the following portraits, some of the subjects are more animated than others.

Dylan and Lauren - Rochester, NY - July 30, 2014

Daniel grabbed this adorable couple after work one day. Dylan had already scouted out the location; there were a few lighting challenges to be worked out, but the tree offered no shortage of intriguing textures and shadows. It was Daniel's idea to take them to the creepy bridge underpass. I don't think they'll be sorry.

Angela and Dan - Rochester, NY - July 20, 2014

I like how these shots have a "She and Him" feel about them.

(Mandolins, unite!)

Dan Slaughter - Rochester, NY - July 20th, 2014

So this guy tagged along with his lady friend Angela at the previous shoot. When he's not pursuing his degree in music technology at Nazareth College, you can find Dan playing with his band, Animal Sounds. Pictures of the couple are forthcoming.

Angela Tona - Rochester, NY - July 20, 2014

Allow me to introduce you to Angela, her ukelele, and her beautiful, warm smile. Angela is a music therapy major at Nazareth College, and is very active with the college's Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue. Daniel captured some lovely photos in the late evening sunlight that required very little post-production work. We were pretty pleased with the results.