head shot

Kathleen - Rochester, NY - April 3, 2015

Kathleen is a writer and musician, and was looking for some headshots for an upcoming publication. These photos were taken at her home during the evening hours in early April. I love the outdoor shots, but I especially love the photograph of her perched near her bookshelf, which if you look closely, you'll see several children's book titles (and maybe a VHS tape or two).


Connor - Fairport, NY - February 18, 2015

In this series of photos, Daniel was experimenting with high key lighting for basic headshot-style photography. The backdrop is our living room wall; he used a three flash studio setup, and the photos were all taken during mid-afternoon hours.

Our eldest son, age 11, going on 17.

Except he can't tie his own tie, and he most certainly needed assistance in the hair styling department. He likes the goofy photos where his eyes are askew, or his mouth is gaping wide open in a mock snarl. Fortunately I get to select my favorites for the blog.