About Me

Take a moment.  Witness that which surrounds.  As an artist I have always tried to pause that extra second; be it to open the olfactory senses to the evening air, to listen to the cacophony of a boisterous restaurant, or to notice the line of orange cones along the side of the road.  There is aesthetic brilliance awaiting discovery in everything.  With my photography I attempt to unlock that magic.

My roots found fertile soil in music. Nourishment as a child and my higher education degrees came through song.  It was not until my twenties that I realized a proclivity for the captured image.  A deep sense of satisfaction came from printing a well composed frame of film.

The aforementioned magic and accompanying joy is something I yearn to share.  I attempt to engage my clients in the not so simple art of finding a story in an instant through the lens.  Perfection is my goal.  It is the untenable gold ring worthy of pursuit.

--Daniel Fischer


333 Ayrault Road • Fairport • NY • 14450