What a fun day. What wedding isn't made better by dogs and fireworks? Outdoor weddings always have an element of wondering: How will the weather be? Will it be too hot? Too cold? Will the skies remain clear, or is rain in our future? I always have back up contingencies, and then just put it out of my mind. This time the weather smiled upon us for the whole day, and into the evening. Just as things were wrapping up, and many guests had left, the skies opened and dumped down so much water. Everyone still present declared that they'd take it, as the rest of this special day had been so wonderful. It only made for some muddy feet on the barefoot bride . . . and stories to tell.


(With me updating my website, transferring information from one online world to another, I wanted to make sure some of my older blog posts still had life. Thus, I am beginning this new site by adding a handful of my older posts, so that they will rest here for people to peruse.)