With me updating my website, transferring information from one online world to another, I wanted to make sure some of my older blog posts still had life. Thus, I am beginning this new site by adding a handful of my older posts, so that they will rest here for people to peruse.

a countdown

Our world is confusing. It is grey upon grey, with splashes of color thrown into the mix. And at the same time, there are moments in crisp black and white; plain as day. Now how do I sort through the din of humming and buzzing and cacophony? We all do it in our own little ways. And we also will have different methods and tactics depending on the day, time, situation.

I have found that I crawl into art to make sense of things. Sometimes music, sometimes I scribble a few words. Oft times, these days, I look through my lens to make sense out of chaos.

Reality has been bending more than normal these past several years, ramped up to eleven this past year. There has been need for change. And change was to come on January Twentieth. Some looked forward to this day with great anticipation, others with intense dread. I am looking to it as a chance to forge a different path.

So, with that idea, with that date, I had set an assignment for myself back at December’s start. I wanted to create a new image every day that counted down until we reached the twentieth. I initially had just posted these to my personal facebook page, but now that the assignment is complete, I thought I’d sweep the cobwebs off of my blog and add them all together as a single post.