Festival of 24 Things

2021 submission*

*When first getting ready to capture images for the 2021 edition of the Festival of 24 Things, i got a hold of the list of words. What I did not know was that I had been given a rough draft, first pass version of the list. It did not end up being completely in line with the final word list. If you compare this post with the last post, you will notice some duplicates, some repurposed images, and some that just didn't work with any of the different words, therefore new photos were captured. So, with the idea of being a completist, here is my incorrect first submission.

1) icon

2) science

3) defund

4) culture

5) quarantine

6) pragmatic

7) austere

8) feminist

9) admonish

10) bake

11) social

12) bailout

13) home

14) surreal

15) remote

16) schadenfreude

17) circuit

18) justice

19) shop

20) malarkey

21) shelter

22) unprecedented

23) spike

24) flexible