What are my clients hoping to accomplish with our time together? How can I draw out their personality through the lens? These are just two of the myriad reasons I stress the importance of an in-person consultation. It also helps for them to get to know me a little bit so that they are more relaxed when we begin our photoshoot.

For seniors, it also affords me the ability to find how they want to portray themselves and their hobbies. I study my notes, chart a path, hitting several locations if necessary, to bring to the surface many of the different facets of a life. 

Jonathan has many activities juggling in his busy schedule. A plan was formulated, a map was drawn, and a narrative was captured.


(With me updating my website, transferring information from one online world to another, I wanted to make sure some of my older blog posts still had life. Thus, I am beginning this new site by adding a handful of my older posts, so that they will rest here for people to peruse.)